Lyrics for Ayy Ladies (feat. Tyga)

OK now ladies (Yeah)
If you know you bad (Yeah)
Don’t need no man, got yo own bands, put up yo hands
If you a top notch b***h let me hear you holler
Bend it over (Yeah), Touch ya toes, whip it out (Yeah)
Show them hoes ya bank roll
Slang it out, hit a broke ho with it
Poke it out, D**n Shawty you can get it

If you got some good p***y say (Yeah)
If you got some good head on ya shoulders
If you got some good p***y say (Yeah)
If you never let a hoe f**k you over
If you 'bout yo' check, drank Moet
Know the p***y stay wet, I need all dat
Tattoos on the back, I see all dat
You already got a man, I ain't tryna be all dat

I'm just tryna hit it by the end of the night
Lil' mama so bad and her b**ty so tight
When I hit it from the back, don't fuss, don't fight
When I put it in ya mouth, don't scratch, don't bite
I'm showin up, money I'm throwin up
Liquor I'm pourin up, go get you another cup
I told a shorty wassup, told her I'm tryna cut
And then I slapped her dead on the butt


Ah, 1234 give a b**ty 5
I like my b***hes real thick lil mo' thighs
Richer than ya old head n***a no lie
Stacks in the p***y hole, call that the g spot
Real gentlemen, F**k and never call again
Im hot, fresh up out that water, I ain’t even swim
Heard she got a n***a, well he could be a man
Man I wouldn’t shake his hand with a broke hand
I don’t fear 'nem n***a, boy Conan
Make a b***h strip butt naked like she pole dance
Standing in the club on a, on a couch s**t
Grab the mic then announce this


Look, really I'm just tryna break the headboard
Baby girl, yeah ain't gotta ask or beg for it
Hell naw! Girl I ain't scared of it
Told her I was 'bout to go nuts with my hands up
First time I met the girl, she was in the club (Yup)
B**ty like a dice game, just shake it up
Shake shake shake shake like a tambourine
Break 'er down, put her in a blunt like a bag of green
Ladies (ladies) and you know you bad (bad)
Then put yo' hands in the air (What they call her?)
Big B**ty Judy, love the way she shake it
Drop it to the flo', gon' earthquake it


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